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James Irving O.C., O.N.B. (born 1928) is the eldest son of billionaire industrialist K.C. Irving. J.K., as he is normally referred to, along with his brothers, Arthur and Jack, share the ownership of what is known informally as the Irving Group of Companies.

After their father's death in 1992, ownership and responsibility for the Irving companies were divided as follows:

* James K. — J.D. Irving Limited, the conglomerate with interests in forestry, paper, kraft, tissue, wallboard, building supplies, frozen food, transportation, shipping lines, and shipbuilding.

* Arthur — Irving Oil, its retail stores, oil refinery, oil tankers and distribution terminals and facilities.

* Jack — Construction, engineering, and steel-fabrication companies.

All companies within the Irving conglomerate are vertically integrated and buy services from and products of the related firms, thereby keeping the cash flow within the family.

James Irving is occasionally involved in efforts to preserve the Atlantic Salmon in northeastern North America.

References such as these are frequently debated amidst the province of New Brunswick. Legitimacy of such claims must be considered a problem when nearly all [objective] media are operated directly under James K. (See Telegraph-Journal.)

In 1996, J.K. was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. He was made a Member of the Order of New Brunswick in 2008.



Slave Captain
The Career of James Irving in the Liverpool Slave Trade

One of the very few firsthand accounts written by a Liverpool slave ship captain to have survived, this unique and fascinating primary source navigates the reader through the remarkable story of James Irving, a Liverpool slave ship captain who was shipwrecked off the coast of Morocco and subsequently enslaved. Schwarz skillfully supplements Irving’s personal journal and letters with useful notes, making this an essential volume for anyone interested in the relationship between the slave trade and the British Empire. Slave Captain is a compelling narrative that will be welcomed by the general reader and scholars alike.


James Irving family wealth

Many business magazines place the combined book value of the Irving empire at an estimate of approximately $4–5 billion (CAD), ranking it third in Canada. However, since the conglomerate is privately held and the family is private with respect to financial matters, no information on net worth or possible partial ownership by other parties is available. Observers have only the tangible values of real property and industrial assets upon which to base their estimates without any ability to assess the value of cash reserves or outstanding debt and obligations. It is quite likely that the actual net value of the Irving family is much higher than current estimates once offshore holdings and investments are taken into account, placing the family among the world's wealthiest. James Irving

The family has long maintained their secrecy while actively supporting many community initiatives. Their philanthropy has long been rumoured in many projects, but the first time it was publicly acknowledged was during the early years of the Université de Moncton, an institution that K.C. came to support in recognition of the support that members of the Acadian community had given to his companies. Since the mid-1980s, the Irving companies have become much more visible in their charitable actions, partly out of a public relations strategy; however, there are many examples of daily philanthropy which continue to this day that are not made public.James Irving




The Irving group of companies, while incorporating state of the art technology which helps to keep their edge in a competitive market, are notorious for being cheap with suppliers and are extremely demanding for their management and line workers.[citation needed] Furthermore, their compensation of employees is not comparable to other companies within the oil industry. This is also reflected in their compensation of coop students, where they pay about half as much as other coop placements within the oil industry. Organized labour is tolerated (and sometimes encouraged) so long as each company's profits and the family's objectives come first. James Irving

The Irvings have an almost complete monopoly in print media in New Brunswick, owning all English and French daily newspapers but one (L'Acadie Nouvelle) and most English weekly and community papers. In the 1970s, when this concentration was limited to only 4 English daily newspapers, a federal commission of inquiry into media concentration took aim at the Irving family's control. Today print media across Canada has experienced a much higher degree of concentration than existed with Irving in New Brunswick during the 1970s, and the case with Irving was one of the first in the nation. The Irving family ostensibly allows their media holdings to operate relatively independently with the only oversight supposedly being in their finances. James Irving

Irving did have a near monopoly in media in New Brunswick well into the 1980s when they owned several English radio stations and CHSJ-TV, the only CBC affiliate in the province. Irving also started MITV (Maritime Independent Television) as a competitor across the Maritimes with the ATV network. The CBC affiliate was sold to the public broadcaster in 1994 at the same time as MITV was sold to Global Television.

Many of the forest management practices at J.D. Irving have come under fire from environmentalists. While JDI has received praise from its lumber retailers and from government regulators, environmentalists point out that the company's tree farming practices have led to an unprecedented industrialization of the forests of northeastern North America, and in turn have led to a decline in tree species variety.[citation needed] Logging roads and erosion problems are also frequently criticized.

The Irving family has long been identified politically with the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Brunswick Liberal Party—a tradition dating to K.C. Irving's father, James Dergavel Irving. It should be noted that the Irvings are extremely private in such matters, however, the ownership of so many industries in eastern Canada gives significant public influence to members of the Irving family. It is estimated that 1 in 10 New Brunswickers are employed by an Irving subsidiary, so it is as reasonable for governments to give tax and other concessions to the conglomerate as it is for the Irvings to work to remain friendly with the government of the day.James Irving

K.C. Irving fought many battles with the federal government over income tax, business tax and inheritance tax policies. In 1972, following a particularly tough series of battles, K.C. left Canada suddenly, established himself as a resident of Bermuda, and left his sons in control of the daily operations of the conglomerate, although he remained as majority shareholder. From 1972 until his death, K.C. would visit New Brunswick for "6 months, less a day" each year. K.C. Irving died at home in Saint John and was buried alongside his first wife in Bermuda. Later in life, his body was exhumed, along with his wife's. He was re-buried outside of the Scottish church on the Irving Manor. Himself, and his wife's grave only marked as " Grammy and Grampy." James Irving

K.C. established a succession plan that set up a trust to govern his enterprises for a period of 35 years following his death.[1] After his death, it was revealed that his will specified that his three sons could control the conglomerate only upon condition that they become non-Canadian residents for tax purposes. Since all three sons have remained in Canada, it is assumed that this part of K.C.'s will has been reinterpreted somehow.


James D. Irving, president of J.D. Irving, Limited will be the featured speaker at the 121st commencement exercises at the University of Maine at Fort Kent on Saturday, May 10, at 1:00 p.m. Irving will also be presented with an honorary degree during the ceremony held in the University SportsCenter. James Irving

Irving will address the 202 students that comprise UMFK's graduating class, their family members and friends, university faculty and staff, and invited guests attending the 2003 commencement exercises.

In addition to speaking, Irving will also receive an honorary degree from UMFK. University President Richard W. Cost will confer the honorary doctorate of humane letters upon him during the ceremony.

"James Irving is an extraordinarily successful business leader who has insisted upon exceptional efforts to replace timber as rapidly as it is utilized in order to maintain a sustainable forest operation. He has received numerous awards from environmental organizations for his vision and his accomplishments," said Cost.

Irving runs family-owned J. D. Irving, Limited, which has a more than 100 year history in the forest products business.

The operations are a part of the diverse enterprises of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies. The company produces a full and wide range of forest products including lumber, Kraft pulp, newsprint, tissue and corrugated medium.

Irving also manages environmentally certified woods in Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

The company has been internationally recognized by the World Wildlife Fund for its efforts in sustainable forestry, certification and its research partnership with the WWF.

The prestigious British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow eco-tourism awards program has also honored the company for its work in protecting one of North America's last remaining sand dunes and the endangered piping plover. Conservation and research efforts to save the wild Atlantic salmon have won national and international recognition from the Government of Canada and the Atlantic Salmon Federation.

James Irving is a leader in Canada and in Maine regarding reforestation efforts, planting over six hundred million seedlings since 1957. This year over 4.5 million seedlings will be planted in Maine.

In 2001, Irving Woodlands was named the Corporate Landowner of the Year by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

James D. Irving is actively involved in leading the company's efforts in salmon conservation and research as well as education partnerships with middle, secondary and post secondary schools.

The company has won two consecutive national education awards in Canada for its leadership in developing business-education initiatives for young people.

James D. Irving lives in New Brunswick with his wife Lynn and their four children.

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The Irving Group, controlled by the K.C. IRVING family, dominates 90% of English-language NEWSPAPER circulation in NB. The New Brunswick Publishing Co Ltd, led by K.C. Irving's sons Arthur and James, is the owner and publisher of the Telegraph Journal and the Evening Times-Globe in Saint John. Another son, John, controls the Moncton Publishing Co Ltd, publisher of the Moncton Times-Transcript, and University Press New Brunswick Ltd, publisher of the Fredericton Gleaner. The New Brunswick Publishing Co Ltd also owns and controls New Brunswick Broadcasting Co Ltd, which owns and operates CHSJ-TV in Saint John and, through rebroadcasters, provides CBC English-language television to almost all of NB. This concentration of ownership has been the focus of court action and a CRTC investigation. In 1972, K.C. Irving, Ltd. and associated companies were convicted under the merger and monopoly provisions of the Combines Investigation Act after members of the Irving family had acquired controlling interest in all 5 of NB's English-language newspapers. An appeal in 1975 overturned the conviction and in 1978 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the appeal decision. In January 1987 the CRTC reversed a 1981 ruling preventing the conglomerate from buying more broadcasting companies, granting it licences for new TV stations in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax.James Irving

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